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Believe Again

Josh Roberie

How do you know when you need to believe again? If you have ever gone through burnout in your spiritual life or disappointment in your church experience, then it may be evident. For others, it is not so clear. You continue to push forward despite the check engine light warning you something is wrong beneath the surface. The Believe Again podcast uses real-life stories to demonstrate how you can leave behind exhausting religion and find refreshing faith. This podcast invites listeners to discover a new way to relate to God, church, and those who do not believe as we do. Our interviews take an honest look at religion through a hope-filled lens of a better future for the Church. Join us as we seek to inspire people to exchange exhausting religion for refreshing faith, discover hope to keep going when things seem impossible, and realize each day is a new opportunity to trust and "believe again" in God's promises.

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