Believe Again

Josh and Kara Joines: Establish Your Rhythm and Elevate Your Game

December 13, 2023 Josh Roberie Season 2 Episode 11
Believe Again
Josh and Kara Joines: Establish Your Rhythm and Elevate Your Game
Believe Again with Josh Roberie
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Show Notes

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of leading a growing church while trying to maintain a healthy balance in personal and family life? You're not alone. Every pastor faces the tension of expanding their ministry without losing themselves or their loved ones in the process.

In this episode, we will hear from  Josh and Kara Joines, who've been on the church planting journey for 10 years and have navigated it with incredible grace and wisdom. They've grown their church to over 5,000 members in weekly attendance and also lead Cadency Coaching, a program specifically designed to help pastors like you establish a healthy rhythm in life and leadership.

Cadency Coaching:

The Believe Again podcast seeks to inspire, challenge, and equip church planters through stories of grit and thought-provoking insights on faith and leadership.

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