Believe Again

Dr. Andy Yarborough: Developing a Rhythm of Self-Leadership

October 05, 2023 Josh Roberie Season 2 Episode 4
Believe Again
Dr. Andy Yarborough: Developing a Rhythm of Self-Leadership
Believe Again with Josh Roberie
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Show Notes

Many pastors are facing burnout and problems they are too embarrassed to talk to anyone else about. Mental and soul health is affecting ministry leaders in a significant way, leaving many church planters wondering if finding balance is possible.

That is what we will discuss on this episode of the Believe Again Podcast with our guest, Dr. Andy Yarborough from the Well Clinic.

Dr. Yarborough, a licensed psychologist and a respected leader in emotional and spiritual well-being, co-founded The Well Clinic with his wife, Melody, in 2015. Together, they responded to the community's need for comprehensive care, integrating the body, soul, relationships, and spirit. 

Dr. Yarborough has held numerous leadership and teaching positions. He also actively engages with missionaries, pastors, and church leaders, providing valuable guidance in spiritual formation and leadership development, and has been featured on different podcasts where he has been able to share his unique approach to ministry and well-being. 

In this episode, we will talk about self-leadership and holistic self-care. Andy as some extremely valuable insights for pastors and leaders and you will want to be ready to take notes during this conversation.

The Believe Again podcast seeks to inspire, challenge, and equip church planters through stories of grit and thought-provoking insights on faith and leadership. 

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